Committees are vital to the success of our CFMA Sacramento Chapter.  Members can volunteer in a variety of ways within CFMA. 


This is a great way for you to get to know other members of the association. Time commitments vary by committee, but most meet once a month or quarter for about an hour. 




Sponsorship Committee

 Mission: The Sponsorship Committee is responsible for securing all sponsorships for our chapter, including annual and special event      sponsorships. This committee establishes how the sponsorship packages will be assembled and completes the outreach to our members’    companies to secure sponsorship commitments. October through March are the peak times for this committee; with outreach for the Holiday    social, and Executive of the Year Awards (traditionally in early May), as well as implementation of annual sponsorships.

 Meets: As needed basis - typically three times a year (Annual Sponsorships, EOY Sponsorships, Golf & Regional Conference Sponsorships) 

 Advantages: Relationship building through direct outreach to all the members, and the chapter’s program partners. 

 Skills Required: Understanding the passion and mission of the chapter, and willingness to put yourself out there to bring in other partners.

 Contact Committee Director, Keith Lovitt, for more information or to get involved:   


Marketing & Communications Committee

 Mission: Marketing & Communications (MarComm) is responsible for promotion of the Sacramento chapter via print & digital platforms, with a  focus on articulating both the value of being an active member in our chapter, and attending the numerous events we hold throughout the year.  This committee has the critical responsibility of branding and messaging every aspect of our chapter’s events; from monthly luncheons and  education, to special events. Without this committee, success of CFMA would be difficult. All content that is shared externally from our chapter,  including graphic design and copy are well planned, organized and distributed by this committee. The MarComm committee works closely with  every other chapter committee to accurately and effectively create messaging and visuals that engage our current and potential members. 

 Meets: Monthly.

 Advantages: Play a critical role in the success of CFMA. We have a great team and we are always looking for organized and energetic people to      join us. 

 Skills Required: Marketing, design, social media, or copywriting experience is a plus, but not necessary. 

 Contact Committee Director, Chemene Phillips, for more information or to get involved: 


 Content & Licensing Committee

 Mission: The Content & Licensing committee is responsible for the development and delivery of session content to provide maximum business impact and development opportunities through education and trainings for the local construction financial industry; topics are related to finance, risk, development, leadership and technology. This committee is also responsible for the quality and profitability of each session, including the attendee experience, networking opportunities, session content and the facilitator(s) experience in delivery of the content. Researching event venues and working with venue staff to confirm contracts, catering, and A/V needs are all functions of the Content Committee, as well as responsibility for all CPE related tasks and making sure our members are provided with the correct material to earn CPEs at the program and education events.

 Meets: Monthly.

 Advantages: : Play a critical role in choosing the topics that will be a part of or annual sessions. Work closely with the speakers each year on the topics they will be presenting. 

 Skills Required: Strategy, copywriting.

 Contact Committee Director, Tim Long, for more information or to get involved:   


Peer Groups Committees: HR, IT, CFM

 Mission: Peer groups meet to foster peer support and communication among CFMA general members by (1) Uniting CFMs/Controllers/Financial  Managers (CFM Peer Group), HR Managers/ Directors/Specialists (HR Peer Group), IT Managers/Directors/Specialists (IT Peer Group), in the  construction industry and (2) Providing a forum for these decision makers of their respective companies to meet, exchange ideas and receive  education on specific topics of interest that focus on their high-level concerns and issues that they deal with on a daily basis.

 Meets: HR Peer groups meet every other month, and the IT and CFM Peer groups also meet every other month.

 Advantages: Being part of a group with your peers to be able to learn from other subject matter experts in the construction industry. 

 Skills Required: Should have experience in the group you are involved in.

 Contact CFM Peer Group Chair, Joann Hillenbrand, for more information or to get involved:  

 Contact IT Peer Group Chair, Jeff Randall, for more information or to get involved:   

 Contact HR Peer Group Chair, Sue Weiler Doke, for more information or to get involved: 


 Membership Committee

 Mission: The Membership Committee makes sure our members remain engaged in our chapter and that the member experience provides value  by specific outreach efforts. This includes outreach to encourage participation at events and on committees within the chapter, and determining  and executing incentives to enroll new members and retain current members.

 Meets: Monthly via conference call.

 Advantages: Build relationships through direct outreach to current and prospective members. 

 Skills Required: Build relationships through direct outreach to current and prospective members. 

 Contact Committee Director, Greg Robinson, for more information or to get involved:    


 Operations Committee

 Mission: The Operations Committee works to streamline processes and procedures at the board and committee level for the chapter. This committee acts as a liaison between committees to ensure each committee has a thorough understanding of how they tie into the chapter mission and how their committee responsibilities directly affect the other board committees.  Operations is also responsible for ensuring documentation and tools are in place for smooth succession when board and committee turnover occurs. Members of this committee typically attend multiple committee meetings each month and the Director, who is also the past President attends the monthly executive committee meetings.

 Meets: As-needed basis.

 Advantages: Once your term on the board is over there is still an opportunity to contribute to the success of the chapter by contributing to details there was not time for during your board term. 

 Skills Required: Multiple years on the board. Strong leadership, organization, and follow-through skills. 

 Contact Committee Director, Shannon Brogden, for more information or to get involved:  


Special Events Committee

 Mission: The Sacramento Chapter hosts several special events per year, which generally include: Executive of the Year Awards Dinner &    Ceremony, Golf Tournament, Leadership Dinner, Regional Conference and the Holiday Social. We also host member-only events such as local sporting  games/outings (Sacramento Kings), and networking mixers. The Special Events committee provides oversight to organize and plan each of these events, and obtains sponsors for certain events. The committee also brainstorms to develop new and exciting events for members and non-members too. 

 Meets: As-needed basis and when needed for the specific event, it’s usually bi-monthly/weekly and it’s typically three times a year (EOY, New  Member Mixer, Kings Game).

 Advantages: Planning fun events.

 Skills Required: Organized and deadline driven.

 Contact Committee Director, Terrie Dillon, for more information or to get involved:


Community Involvement Committee

 Mission: A portion of the Sacramento chapter’s mission statement reads: “Invest in community, charitable, and industry, endeavors”. The  Community Involvement Committee maintains a relationship with our chapter’s charity recipient, which varies from year to year. In the past we've supported Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Sacramento and Hard Hats With Heart with the American Heart Association. CFMA generally donates over $10,000 to charities each year.  This committee also manages our Scholarship program each year; which provides cash scholarships  ranging from $500 to $2,500 to eligible applicants each year. 

 Meets: As-needed basis and when needed for the specific event (typically bi-monthly/weekly meetings during event, approx two times a year (Scholarships and Big Brothers Big Sisters).

 Advantages: Being able to be a part of a committee who gives back to the community.

 Skills Required: Passionate about giving back to the construction community and being involved in philanthropy.

 Contact Committee Chair, Chris Rouen, for more information or to get involved: