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Subcontractor Pre-Qualification

  • 1.  Subcontractor Pre-Qualification

    Posted 10-02-2014 13:17
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    I'm curious, I keep talking to General Contractors of all sizes (mostly prospective clients) that do all their pre-qualifications in-house.  Their brokerage and/or surety provider does an analysis for each client they provide surety to, why do GC's continue to burden their finance department rather than lean on their broker/surety to provide that information to them?

    GCs don't do their own taxes?  Don't review or write their own contracts?  Why do they not rely on the broker they have a 20-year relationship with to do that for them (it's a free service by the way)?  WGBCO does it for a slew of clients but it doesn't sound like many other surety brokers are, or the GC is not willing to rely on the information and prefers to keep it in-house.  If you rely on us (your surety brokers) to review YOUR information for the surety shouldn't you be able to rely on the analysis we would provide you of a subcontractor?

    I keep talking to over worked finance people and wonder why a free service provided by a trusted advisor is not being utilized as much as it should be.

    Any thoughts?

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